Earl McNutt

Red Willow County Commissioner

Welcome to the 124th annual conference of the Nebraska Association of County Officials. This is always a very fun and enjoyable time for all of us to come together to socialize and attend various informational sessions.

This year has been very exciting as we have started the process of implementing the transition plan and building a new face for NACO as we move into the future. Over the next couple years we will see changes in staff and leadership for County Officials to work with and rely on for important answers. We have a very strong and unified organization and as we move forward our involvement will be very critical to make sure the transition is smooth and consistent with what we have become so accustom too.

I am very proud to have been part of the group who selected Jon Cannon to become Deputy Director and would like to thank everyone involved for all the time and effort they gave throughout this process. After attending most of the District meetings Jon’s reception has been excellent and I hope we continue to welcome him with open arms. Please don’t hesitate to ask Jon questions or just strike up a conversation with him as he would be glad to visit and get to know you.

I hope everyone has a great conference and ask that you take time to visit with all the different vendors. These people are very important in making our convention a success and I hope we thank each and every one of them for participating.

Thank You for allowing myself the honor to serve as your President in 2018. This has been an amazing ride and I owe it all to my NACO family. My wife and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God Bless all of you.