Welcome to the 123rd Nebraska Association of County Officials Conference. The NACO board takes a lot of time and thought in searching for topics that will prove to be both educational and beneficial to you in the coming years.

Please check out all the vendors and take time to thank them. Not only do they provide services for your counties, they also help sponsor meals and breaks plus great entertainment.

This is a great time to visit with fellow elected officials and to welcome and meet new friends. What I have found out is that no matter how large or small your county is we all have the same concerns. Reach out, we all want to learn and what a great time to be an elected official.

I truly enjoyed attending all the different district meetings and want to thank you for your patience listening to me. I feel there is disconnect at times between us as elected officials and our tax payers. Many of you know I feel a town hall meeting can be very helpful. I also understand it won’t work for all. I just attended a town hall meeting with over 500 in attendance. The reason it was needed was due to the fact that the board had a clear understanding but failed to give the tax payers enough information to understand. PLEASE, PLEASE be transparent. Every household is feeling the tax pinch when we fail to give our time and patience to tax payers. They sometimes begin to lose trust. We all ran for office with our hearts in the right place, let’s all leave with our heads held high.

I want to thank all the NACO staff. If you are not using their services you are truly missing out.

As I leave office I feel we are in great hands with the new officers and their exciting leadership and plans for the future of NACO.

Thank you for allowing me to be your President. It is a true honor. Julie and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May God stay in your hearts and God Bless America. Please drive safely and have a great year!