The educational programs you are attending are being offered by the Nebraska Association of County Officials as part of its continuing leadership development series.

The Nebraska Association of County Officials was organized in 1894 and formally incorporated in 1968. It is com-posed of 93 member counties and its express objective is to stimulate and contribute to the continuing improvement of county government in Nebraska through the promotion of increased efficiency and economy, the augmentation of a higher standard of public service, and the protection of the common good and general welfare of Nebraska county residents.

To ensure that its objectives are achieved, NACO regularly sponsors continuing education programs such as the one you are attending, conducts research, publishes educational materials, administers cost saving programs, and represents the interests of Nebraska counties before the state and federal governments, agencies, and courts.

Continuing education programs sponsored by NACO are conducted across the state of Nebraska to easily serve all county officials. Suggestions for additional programs which would be of benefit to you are encouraged and welcomed.

Nebraska Association of County Officials
1335 H Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
Telephone (402) 434-5660