Larry Dix

Welcome to the 123rd annual conference of the Nebraska Association of County Officials at the Younes Conference Center. I treasure the working relationships we have with the Younes staff in Kearney. Recently the NACO board has voted to extend the contract to have the annual conference in Kearney. The contract extension will take us through the year 2023.

While that seems like a long time into the future, the nature of locking down some facility years in advance is essential, in order to hold the NACO Conference. Given the attendance, meeting rooms and lodging room requirements we must decide years in advance in order to guarantee a successful conference. By the time we wrap up the contract in 2023 many of you will no longer be county officials given that we will have 2 major elections in 2018 and 2022. Many new faces will be part of the NACO family.

After receiving so many positive comments last year, we will be utilizing our customized electronic app for a detailed listing of all conference events. This proved very successful last year and we will transition away from the paper document in the coming years.

Please visit all of the vendor booths and take a moment to thank them for having a booth and showing us the new products they have to offer.

Please stop by to view the Nebraska by Heart art project by Gillian Jenkins. After the conference this piece will be permanently located in and around the NACO Office at 1335 H Street in Lincoln.

I believe that the next few days will provide each of you with an opportunity that is invaluable in your advancement as a county official. Take time to introduce yourself to other county officials. Identify which county you are from and make a friend for life.

While you are here, please take time to attend as many sessions as possible and also take time to enjoy the surroundings and fellowship that come with a conference such as this. Make new friends and reacquaint with old ones.

On Friday, morning I encourage each of you to make every effort to attend the NACO Business Meeting as there are important votes to be taken. You will be voting on electing officers to lead this organization. As of the writing of this article, this year we have 1 qualified candidate vying to become the NACO Secretary Treasurer. As per our bylaws, the Secretary-Treasurer must come from the Panhandle District.

I sincerely hope that you find this conference educational and of great value in obtaining information on how to serve the citizens of Nebraska in the most cost effective and efficient manner.