Welcome to the 122nd annual Nebraska Association of County Officials conference.

I hope you find this conference both educational and inspiring.

This year your board and NACO staff have worked to provide some great sessions, with two that combine groups in joint sessions. This should offer a great learning experience and opportunity to interact between groups. Please check them out in your program. Let us know what you think.

Please take the opportunity to roam the vendor area and take a moment to visit with them. They are a vital part of the experi-ence and many sponsor our meals and breaks. Give them your thanks and kind attention.

I also so enjoy the great fellowship and sharing of ideas and problems. Usually the best solutions, are from someone who's "been there, done that". So visit!!! My favorite part.

Enjoy the whole "enchilada" from the opening session to the close of the business meeting where you will have the opportunity to elect your new officers, including a new secretary-treasurer, who will come from the Central district this year. As of this writing, we have two great candidates running so find them and learn their ideas.

I also have the great privilege to give the Presidents awards. I'm excited to do this, and with a little different spin this year we will be taking a look back.

Here's wishing you all a great holiday season, And from my heart to yours, A very Merry Christmas!