Aaron Thomas

Aaron Thomas' father, Ed, was a beloved high school football coach, who not only trained generations of players on the importance of hard work, dedication, excellence, and commitment, but personally put those values into action as the community leader who inspired his town to rebuild in the wake of a deadly EF5 tornado. Not long after the community withstood the disaster of the storm, the small town of Parkersburg, Iowa endured a far worse tragedy…the fatal shooting of Coach Ed Thomas by a former player with mental issues.

In this incredible story of ordinary people thrust into an extraordinary situation, Aaron Thomas shares his family's journey of showing uncommon strength during the darkest of times. Aaron will discuss how to deal with adversity and how to make the most of all opportunities. You will be challenged to look at your life, your family, and your organization to see if you are being a true difference maker.

Aaron’s talk is centered around the life lessons his father taught him and others-emphasizing that the greatest gift any of us has been given is the power to choose, that each of us has the ability, the right, and the privilege to live each day with passion for what we do, and how each of us can truly make a difference in the world.